What can I do on the mobile Admin Panel?

This article is only applicable to admins on Workplace Advanced
Functionality on the Admin Panel is limited on mobile, but there are several tools you can make the most of. The following functionality is available for admins on Workplace Advanced from the mobile Admin Panel:
  • Review activity for the past 7 days and send reminders to people to drive engagement.
  • Add People: Add a new person to your community by providing full name and email.
  • Reporting: Report on people, groups and content activity on Workplace over the past three months.
  • Administrators: Review all administrators and make changes to admin levels for any administrator. Learn more about the different admin roles.
  • Reported Content: Review any reported content and choose to allow or delete directly from the mobile app. Push notifications will be sent to admins so that they can review and remove reported content in a matter of minutes all from their phones.
Note: All admin levels can see the Admin Panel on mobile. Access roles are exactly the same as they are on the web version of the Admin Panel.
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